The Museum of Disgusting Food: American Food That Made The List

by | Nov 20, 2018

You Won’t Believe the American Exhibit at The Museum of Disgusting FoodThere’s a new museum in Sweden and it’s serving up some unappealing exhibits.

A dead mouse in Chinese wine, maggots in cheese and fruit bat soup are some of the items on display at The Disgusting Food Museum. The exhibits are meant to show what different cultures eat and enjoy in different parts of the world.

But not everyone can stomach the idea. In fact some visitors haven’t been able to keep their feelings to themselves. For that reason entry tickets are not really tickets, but are printed on vomit bags, and a few people have taken advantage of it.

European delicacies include a rotten Icelandic shark, a dish from Scotland made from sheep intestine and fermented herring from Sweden.

The U.S.A. is represented by Jello salad and root beer and while that might sound okay to you, visitors from other countries are turning up their noses.

For Australia the exhibit is vegemite, which is, a spread made from yeast extract. Aussie tourists say it’s funny to see something they eat everyday regarded with such disgust.

I guess it’s all on your palate.

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