Climate-Friendly Eats: California Restaurants Reduce Carbon Footprint

by | May 12, 2019

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Listen Now: Climate-Friendly Eats: California Restaurants Reduce Carbon Footprint

Climate-Friendly Eats: California Restaurants Reduce Carbon FootprintA lot of people talk about saving the world, but are you ready to put your money where your mouth is?

There is an effort by California restaurants to help fight climate change by paying a little extra. Interested businesses that join the Restore California Renewable Restaurant Program can add an optional one percent surcharge to checks. That extra money will go toward a public fund to reduce carbon in food they produce.

It works by shifting farming production to healthier soil. By tilling the earth more gently and rotating crops on the same land, farmers can improve the ability of the soil to absorb carbon. Supporters say not only does healthy soil help fight climate change, it also leads to healthier, tastier food. And the planet is not alone in coming out on top of this deal.

Restaurants benefit by billing themselves as carbon-friendly and farmers get extra money to invest in their lifestyle. The farm-to-table option for restaurants has been growing in popularity and climate-friendly meals are expected to be the next big trend.

As long as customers are willing to pay.

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