Chocolate ChangesThe maker of Toblerone is changing its iconic candy bar and it’s leaving chocolate lovers with a bitter taste. Toblerone is widening the spaces in its triangle shaped bars which means candy fans are getting ten percent less product for the same price they were paying before. The company says the move is necessary to cope with higher prices for ingredients; but instead of raising the price of the candy bar it opted for the solution of offering up less chocolate. Customers are not happy with the changes with one person saying the bar used to look like the Swiss Alps but now it’s a bit more like Holland. Others say the candy bar, often linked to travel, is a tradition and the company should find another way to cut back. But the company says no can do. While the Brexit vote is not entirely to blame British food retailers have faced a rising prices for imported goods due to the pound’s drop in value. So now your Toblerone will consist of twenty less grams of chocolate. And that’s change no one wants to stomach.