This New Bracelet Will Shock Your Bad Habits Away

by | Jun 23, 2019

This New Bracelet Will Shock Your Bad Habits AwayAmazon is helping you break your bad habits and it’s shocking.

The Pavlok Bracelet is a device that promises to help you quit habits such as biting your nails, smoking or swearing. Here’s how it works, anytime you do the habit you’re trying to break, the bracelet gives you an electric buzz. But don’t worry. The three hundred volt electric shock feels like getting a spark from static electricity.

So here’s the catch. Users need to zap themselves when they’re doing the one thing they want to quit. And while it’s hard to inflict pain on yourself, the company says after three to five days you will begin to notice your cravings are significantly reduced if not gone completely.

But if shocking yourself is hard to do the company allows you to enlist your friends. Then if they notice you doing something you shouldn’t, they can zap you. You can also set it up through the app so if you oversleep the bracelet will shock you awake.

The bracelet has one hundred and fifty shocks per charge, enough to break all your bad habits.

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