Flying on Empty: Avoid Jet Lag With These New Tips

by | Sep 14, 2018

Flying on Empty: Avoid Jet Lag With These New TipsPlanning a trip, don’t forget to pack a snack.

There are a lot of things you shouldn’t do on a plane; smoke in the bathroom, open the cabin door and, as it turns out, eat.

Melisssa biggs bradley is founder of a luxury travel firm and over the years has gained a lot of insight from flight attendants. One tip they told her is to avoid eating while flying, especially when traveling long distance. But this has nothing to do with germs or the quality of the food.

Instead, they say eating a big meal at a high altitude slows down your digestive system. Then when you land your system has to restart itself, which can make jet lag even worse.

Instead, flight attendants say they drink a lot of water or have a light snack while in the air. Plus not waking up for meals means you get a few extra minutes of sleep which will also prepare you better for landing.

This way, whether its for business or pleasure, you won’t waste a minute of your next trip in the hotel room.

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