Artificial Intelligence

by | Aug 9, 2017 | CBS Radio Report

Artificial IntelligenceRight now humans are a step ahead because we can think for ourselves, but machines might not be far behind.

Š—“Artificial intelligence is exactly what the name implies. Developing computer systems that exhibit behaviors that we would call cognition if exhibited by human beings. In other words building machines that think.” Paul Saffo is a technology forecaster and adjunct professor at Stanford University. He says there are two types of artificial intelligence; artificial general intelligence which might not even be possible and narrow intelligence.

Š—“Narrow AI is using artificial intelligence to do things like creating a program that allows your car to parallel park better than a human might parallel park or to look at job resumes in advance of a company deciding who to hire. Narrow AI is moving very quickly, narrow AI is not going to make clerics nervous but narrow AI is a big revolution in the business space because it means automating a whole bunch of jobs that were previously done by humans.”

In a world of man versus machine, whose side will you be on?

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