Artificial EducationIt can be hard to pay attention in class, especially if your face gives you away. A business school in Paris is about to start using artificial intelligence and facial recognition software to determine whether students are paying attention in two online classes. The software, called Nestor uses a student’s webcam to analyze eye movements and facial expressions to find out how closely they are watching the lecture. It then formulates quizzes based on the content covered during any perceived moment of inattentiveness. Professors would also be able to use the data to find out when students are zoning out and alter their teaching plans to keep everyone engaged. At first the technology will only be used for online classes but developers hope that one day there will be an in-class version that would send real time notifications to students when they are not paying attention. In addition to facial recognition and analysis the software can integrate with a student’s calendar and suggest study times and track online behavior to determine when someone is most effective. Sort of like a 21st century tutor.