A Solo Beer RunOne company has just made a history making beer run. Anheuser-Busch says it has just completed the world’s first commercial shipment with the use of a self-driving truck. The truck was laden down with a trailer full of beer and for 120 miles it made its way through Colorado with no one behind the wheel. The company says it paired up with self-driving truck maker Otto and the state of Colorado for the experiment. The truck of Budweiser began its solo trip in Fort Collins before wrapping up in Colorado Springs. The company says to prevent any possible mishaps there was a driver on board but he never had to step in. Instead he monitored the beer’s route from the truck’s sleeping area. Otto is a San Francisco based company made up of members of Google’s self-driving research team. It was bought by Uber for $700 million as part of Uber’s plan to corner the self-driving truck market. More testing is planned because with trucking bringing in $722 billion a year; this is precious cargo.