A Side HustleLooking to make some extra cash; better make sure it’s worth your time. Companies such as Airbnb, Lyft and Uber allow anyone who passes a little background check to make money on the side; but how much are people really pulling in? To help you determine whether or not you should pick up a side job the online lender Earnest crunched some numbers to see which companies were profitable. First they looked at anonymous data from tens of thousands of loan applicants to see how much people reported earnings through nine popular side jobs. According to the results Airbnb rentals brought in the most extra income with an average monthly income of $924. This is about three times as much as workers in other services such as Lyft and Uber who earn just above $350 a month. And for all the creative souls out there, people who work with the online company Etsy are making around $150. You just need to figure out if the extra money is worth the effort.