A High-Priced Date

by | Jan 9, 2018

A High-Priced DateMost of us have experienced a bad date or two; but chances are they didn’t cost you close to half a million dollars.

Anthony Buzbee is a prominent trial lawyer in houston who recently went on a date with 29-year-old court reporter Lindy Lou Layman. Buzbee says during their date Layman drank a lot and when the two returned to his house he called her an Uber. But instead of going, she refused to leave and hid inside his home.

When he found her, he called her a second Uber and says that’s when she became aggressive. Police say she tore down several paintings and poured red wine on others while yelling at Buzzbee. Then she allegedly focused on two twenty-thousand dollar sculptures, throwing them across the room and smashing them. But that isn’t what took the cost of this date into six figures. Police say two of the damaged paintings were Andy Warhol originals and will cost three-hundred thousand dollars to replace.

So if 2018 has you looking for love… you might want to wait to invite them inside.

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