A Golf DegreeIf you enjoy spending your time on the golf course but don’t have the swing to go pro, then maybe it’s time for another option. I recently returned from a trip to Scotland where I talked with James Campbell, owner of James Campbell Tourism. He says he has seen an increase in the number of American tourists over the past months for a number of reasons. He says tourists feel safe here, they are welcomed in with open arms and of course there’s golf. But in Scotland, the love of the sport goes past the history making courses. Š—“It’s big, you can go to the University of Abertay, you can study for a degree in golf tourism, how bout that? So you can study to be a golf professional in golf tourism in one of the University’s in Scotland so golf tourism is very big and it’s great for Americans as well of course because they love the golfing over here.” It might take some work convincing your parents that studying abroad is the right choice but after all; if you can’t do, teach.