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The Extra Friendly Skies

Listen Now: Subscribe on iTunesPeople are starting to travel again, and despite the desire to get back in the air passengers still have standards. I’m Brian Banmiller on Business.The highlight of your vacation might be the beachside cabana or hotel spa. ...

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A New Image

Listen Now: Subscribe on iTunesAunt Jemima is getting a new name. I’m Brian Banmiller on Business.Pepsico Inc has announced that its pancake mix and syrup products will now be known as Pearl Milling Company. The name change was announced last year after...

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Relocating the Red Lights

Listen Now: Subscribe on iTunesAmsterdam is looking to improve its image by relocating some of its most famous workers. I’m Brian Banmiller on Business.In an effort to protect brothel workers and bring more people in, the Dutch city is planning to move its...

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Standing Out

Listen Now: Subscribe on iTunesFor most people it’s been months since they’ve seen their boss in person, so make sure they know you’re still there. I’m Brian Banmiller on Business.Making sure your boss and team recognize your hard work through a computer...

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High Flying Comfort

Listen Now: Subscribe on iTunesJetblue wants to get people back in the air, comfortably. I’m Brian Banmiller on Business.Jetblue Airways is unveiling its new mint business class Suites. According to Business Insider when the company First announced its...

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Up For Auction

Listen Now: Subscribe on iTunes Consider yourself a history buff, why not purchase a little? I’m Brian Banmiller on Business. Right now, a number of items from past presidents are up for sale at r-r auction. Some of the mementos on the block include a...

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Super Bowl Commercials

Listen Now: Subscribe on iTunes It’s super bowl weekend and some of the biggest players aren’t going to make the game. I’m Brian Banmiller on Business. The action on the field, the halftime show and the commercials, most super bowl viewers are here for at...

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Netflix for Wine

Listen Now: Subscribe on iTunes Bad wine can leave a bad taste, but thanks to a new business, your financial palate is safe. I’m Brian Banmiller on Business. Vivino is a wine e-commerce platform that allows users to scan a bottle of wine and see its...

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Bad Bosses

Listen Now: Subscribe on iTunes Wondering if you’re a bad boss, go straight to the source. I’m Brian Banmiller on Business. You might not know if you’re terrible to work for, but your employees do. So to highlight some of the worst management mistakes,...

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