You’re Fired

by | Mar 14, 2017 | CBS Radio Report

You're FiredA lot of people are fired and while some people think it’s unfair, others definitely deserved it.

Sometimes its money, sometimes there is someone more qualified for your job, maybe your company is downsizing, whatever the reason there are many people who have found themselves at the end of the unemployment line. But according to MSN Money there are those that are just asking to be shown the door.

For example, Telstra is the largest telecommunications company in Australia. Imagine their surprise when they learned that their chief technology officer who claimed to hold a masters and a doctorate from Harvard had faked his resume and didn’t hold either degree. Or there are the people who just can’t handle themselves on social media. Some people post inappropriate pictures, others talk about their boss, and some call in sick and then post their activities online while looking 100% healthy.

For more ridiculous reason people are fired including some that may surprise you considering its 2017 click the link below. Hopefully it will help you avoid hearing the phrase Š—“you’re fired.”

Link: Ridiculous reasons for being fired

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