Your Personal BaristaNeed a caffeine fix? Take it up with your personal barista. Starbucks is jumping into the virtual assistant game and releasing its own version of apple’s Siri or amazon’s Alexa. The coffee shop chain is rolling out a new voice assistant called barista to a very small number of beta testers. Barista lives inside the Starbucks app and acts like a virtual order taker. All you have to do is fire up the app, clearly place your order and then head over to pick it up. This way instead of hunting through menus and making sure your specific choices are recognized you can just spell out what you want. The assistant can take orders from anything as simple as a regular coffee to a full meal with special instructions. On top of that, Starbucks is partnering up with Amazon to allow Alexa users to replicate their orders with a new reorder skill. All customers have to do is tell Alexa to place their usual order at any of the last ten Starbucks locations they visited. Now if only you could get someone to pick it up.
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