Voice Over TechnologyTechnology might be changing the world, but for one industry it’s opening a few doors. For almost 30 years the San Francisco based talent agency MDT has been linking clients with people who provide on camera and voice over work. And now advances in the equipment available has made that job just a little bit easier. Š—“With the advent of less expensive more quality microphones voice over talent are now able to record from the comfort of their own home instead of having to go into a studio and buy studio time to audition. Now they can record in their pajamas at home and shoot over an audition, we give that to the client right away.” Kevin Rasted is the director of MDT’s camera and voice over division. He says the talent isn’t the only ones who benefit from any advancements in technology. Š—“That has definitely improved the volume of auditions that clients can sift through and the volume of projects that they can turn over because it happens so quickly now.” Nothing like an industry that offers job perks for everyone.
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