The Two Finger Gesture

by | Nov 24, 2017

TThe Two Finger GestureThink your nine to five has some strict guidelines?

Disney parks are known for being meticulously designed and maintained so every last detail is taken care of. From costumes to the attractions everything is meant to make visitors think they are in another world… and this extends to each and every member of the staff.

It’s no secret that people who work there have a lot of rules to follow, but how about this one? Anyone working at the parks are not allowed to point with their index finger. Instead they are mandated to do the double finger gesture and there are two theories as to why. The first is that to many cultures the single finger point is considered rude.

According to an anonymous Disney, employee the gesture dates back to when walt Disney himself used to walk through the park, cigarette always in hand and use two fingers to gesture so he wouldn’t drop the cigarette.

So the next time you’re one of the Disney parks, test it out, ask an employee for directions, see how many fingers you get.

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