TextalyzerPolice officers might get a new tool to help investigate a crash scene; your cell phone. Lawmakers in New York are considering legislation that would allow police officers to begin using a device that is being dubbed the breathalyzer for phones. It works by allowing police officers to determine whether any of the drivers involved in a crash had been texting, swiping or clicking anything on their phone at the time of impact. Critics say this is a privacy issue because every fender bender will allow police officers to access your private information. They say this could be dangerous because a lot of people contain their whole lives on their phones. But the people behind the device say it’s designed only to access usage and that a person’s data will be safe and remain private. Police could then use the fact that a person was indeed using their phone during the time of collision to get a warrant and find out what exactly they were doing on their phone. Right now similar legislation is also being considered in New Jersey, Tennessee and Chicago.
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