Talent HoardingAre you good at your job? Turns out your success might be bad for business. Ever heard of the term talent hoarding? According to recruitment companies talent hoarding is when your manager realizes how good your potential is and refuses to promote you or transfer you for fear of losing what you offer. And while the idea might be flattering experts say it can be bad for both you and the company. For the employee, it stifles their growth and they miss out on the opportunity to learn more about the company, pick up a new skill or worse; earn a few extra dollars. Then when the employee does wise up they tend to just leave the company altogether which means that company just lost a hard worker. Last year the Institute for Corporate Productivity found that talent hoarding existed at half of the 665 companies it surveyed. Those same companies were also the lowest performing in areas such as profit and revenue. So spread the talent around, better to have good people working on another floor than at your competitor.
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