Survival of the Fittest

by | Sep 22, 2017 | CBS Radio Report

Survival of the FittestIn some work environments its survival of the fittest; so how do you make it through alive?

Robert Sutton is a professor of management at Stanford University and the author of a book on how to deal with people that make your nine to five a little less pleasant. He says some office places are mob situations where obnoxious people are everywhere. Sutton says if you aren’t in a position to up and quit there are four things you can do to make sure you make it through the day.

For example, prepare to fight back. A toxic workplace is similar to a Š—“Lord of the Flies” situation where you either hide in the corner or go to war. Sutton says stand up for your interests and don’t compromise your principles, but be prepared for a little conflict.

But that said, don’t go looking for a fight. Sutton says avoid confrontation whenever possible. Figure out who the most difficult people are and figure out ways to avoid them. For more tips for tough co-workers click the link below. Remember, sticks and stones.

Link: Dealing with toxic work environment

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