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by | Jul 21, 2017 | CBS Radio Report

Success StoriesWant your story to be a successful one? Start young.

For most people the age of 25 is spent in your first apartment, on your second hand furniture, with a job that barely pays the rent. For people such as Donald Trump, Steve Jobs and Martha Stewart, the story is a little different. So what were some of the most powerful people in the world doing when the rest of us were adjusting to post-college life?

According to Business Insider by the end of its first day of trading in December of 1980, Apple Computers had a market value of $1.2 billion, making 25-year-old Steve Jobs a millionaire. When he was 25 Richard Branson started the Virgin Records Label. Five years later his company was international and he was rich. JK Rowling, the first author to become a billionaire was 25 and on a four hour train ride when she came up with the idea for Harry Potter.

To check out more early life stories from the rich and famous, click the link below. Age is only a number.

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