Smarter Spending

by | Oct 7, 2016 | CBS Radio Report

Smarter SpendingThink you’re pretty savvy when it comes to spending money; you might want to double check a few purchases.

Even if you’re trying to cut back chances are you’re still spending money on things that you might be able to get for free. Or you might be able to cut back on things you have to pay for just by making better decisions. To help pad your bottom line MSN Money has a list of the twelve things we pay for that you probably don’t need to.

For example, new books. Books are expensive and are usually only read once before they sit on your shelf. Instead of buying new consider joining your local library. Or go to a used bookstore where you can buy and sell for a significantly lower price.

Another one is pets. If you’re looking for something to love then consider shelters instead of breeders. Plus the cost of spaying or neutering is a lot cheaper than if you go pedigree. For some more ideas on cutting back click the link below. Time to smarten up your spending.

Link: Things You Don’t Need to Pay For

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