Silicon BeachLooks like Silicon Valley is branching off, and the new real estate has ocean front views. There is a four mile stretch of beachfront property that runs from surrounds Venice and Santa Monica that is being dubbed Š—“Silicon Beach.” The area is already home to Snapchat’s parent company Snap and now eager young entrepreneurs are considering heading south away from Northern California’s bustling Silicon Valley. Experts say some of the reasons behind the move include the price of real estate. While hard to believe, Los Angeles is still cheaper than the bay area. Southern California is also home to a more diverse talent pool and the tech bubble isn’t as tight giving people a bit more room to test their ideas. Besides Snap other companies such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo have opened or moved offices to silicon beach. One serial entrepreneur says in San Francisco you fall into the trap of following what every other tech company is up to; but further south you have the freedom to create something for normal people. Plus you get to work on your tan during your lunch break.
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