Public Relations Goes SocialUnited Airlines is facing a public relations nightmare and social media won’t let the company forget it. Thanks to the internet and sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram incidents spread faster than companies can control them. Last week Pepsi pulled a controversial commercial following immediate backlash from social media and now United is facing the same storm. With everyone so connected a situation such as a man being dragged from a plane will go viral before that plane even takes off, with or without said passenger. And since that video was shared all over the world Twitter users are laying into United with suggestions of a new logo that include quote Š—“we’ll drag you anywhere around the world, we put the hospital in hospitality and first carry off free.” The first statement from the CEO didn’t help the jokes either thanks to the use of the phrase Š—“re-accommodating passengers.” Now United is working to win back passenger loyalty while those same passengers are constantly reading about what happened on their favorite feeds. The face of public relations is changing and it comes with a hashtag.
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