Paying It Forward

by | Apr 24, 2018

Paying It ForwardColleges across the country are using generosity to cut students a break.

College debt is rising fast, and in some cases students are passing up their dream school because of its hefty price tag. And if you do sign on the dotted line for many people there isn’t a lot of extra money to pay for things like parking fines.

To help students out, one university is offering amnesty for traffic violations in exchange for donated food. The President of the University of Florida tweeted out the plan on April 1st leading many students to believe it was a prank. However, the university says nearly two thousand citations have been exchanged for almost ten thousand food donations. Those items will fill the shelves of the university’s field and fork pantry.

And do you have a few late fines at your local library? In the San Francisco Bay Area, the Santa Clara County Library is offering a similar deal. It’s branches will eliminate fines up to one hundred dollars for a food donation to second harvest food bank.

Paying it forward does pay off.

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