Obama in PicturesTrying to sell a book about president Obama? How about a little help from president Obama. Pete Souza is the former white house photographer credited for capturing some of the most iconic moments of Mr. Obama’s presidency and preserving them on his popular Instagram account. Now president Obama is returning the favor with a little plug of his own. The former president has agreed to write the foreword for Souza’s new book called Š—“Obama: An Intimate Portrait.” The book of photos will contain 300 images taken during Mr. Obama’s time in the white house. Souza says they show him in all parts of life from tense moments in the situation room surrounded by staff to laughing and having fun with his two daughters. Souza is a white house veteran who started his career capturing the moments of Ronald Reagan’s presidency before working for Mr. Obama. Since the former president’s departure from the white house Souza uses his Instagram to publish photos of Mr. Obama that contrast poorly with president trump. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but can it sell a few books?
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