Musical MoneyThe Brexit vote is causing concern over the value of the British pound so some people are trying to find other uses for their cash. Because of concerns about Britain leaving the European Union and what it might mean for the country the pound has been dropping in value. At the time of this story one British pound was worth almost $1.50. Recently the country unveiled a new five pound note that is made out of plastic, lasts longer and is cheaper to produce. It features images of iconic brits including Queen Elizabeth II and Winston Churchill and so far have been pretty popular among the cash carrying public. Now it turns out the note can be used as a stylus to play vinyl records. A number of YouTube videos have been posted showing the new five pound note playing music on a turntable. However, while a pretty cool party trick it should be said that the note does not match the sound that is produced by more expensive equipment. But it never hurts to have a backup plan.
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