Mr. MetActions speak louder than words; and they can cost you. There is a new Mr. Met mascot parading the sidelines and entertaining the crowd for the New York Mets. This comes after the old Mr. Met was caught on camera flipping off a fan during a game. While major league baseball declined to get involved with the controversy the Mets club has let the old mascot go and now someone else will be wearing the oversized baseball head. But despite the unsportsmanlike behavior fans are laughing it off. One person said Mr. Met was upset and got mad and that it was nothing but a New York thing. Another says it all has to be a mistake because the mascot only has four fingers making it impossible for him to flip someone the bird. And this isn’t the first time the mascot has gone off script. The team’s original mascot was a beagle named Homer, trained to run the bases when star players hit a home run. Unfortunately he was canned when he tried it in a game and just ran all over the field.
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