Memorial Day TravelIt’s Memorial Day weekend and if you’re on the road, chances are you have a lot of company. According to AAA almost 40% of Americans are planning to hit the roads, rails and skies this weekend as part of the official kickoff to summer. This year is the third in a row that more people have decided to take a vacation and the highest travel volume since 2005. AAA’s senior vice president for travel says higher confidence has led to more consumer spending and many people are choosing to use any extra money they have on travel for the three day weekend. And even though the price of gas is up eleven cents from last year 35 million people are still on the road this weekend. And that isn’t the only price on the rise that could have forced people into a staycation. Airfare, car rental rates and hotel room rates are also trending higher than last year. But again AAA says the cost is still not slowing anyone down. I just hope you’re not facing too much traffic while listening to this report.
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