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ManspreadingIt’s getting a little crowded on Boston public transit, and now the city says it’s time for certain passengers to close their legs.

Manspreading is a term that is being tossed around by transportation authorities in large cities. It is a word now sued to describe men who sit with their legs spread wide, making it hard for people to sit comfortably in the seat next to them. Now officials in Boston are taking action.

According to the Boston Globe the Massachusetts Bay Transportation authority has begun a tongue in cheek digital campaign to spread the message of keeping it closed. In a brief animated video that has started showing at one of the stations a fat cat is seen rolling around on a chair with a message reminding passengers to only take space they need. It ends with the words Š—“courtesy counts.”

But it’s not just legs getting in the way, the transportation authority is also asking people to take off large backpacks when boarding to avoid hitting people. You might enjoy your personal space, but other passengers just need some space in general.

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