Kid-Free Zones

by | Feb 23, 2018

Kid-Free ZonesWhen you fly you generally have the option of coach, business or first class. But for some airlines your next ticket could be child-free.

A 2017 survey from found that a little over half of respondents believe families with children ten and under should sit in a designated area. The people surveyed said they would pay extra for the peace and quiet and would even support the idea of adults-only flights.

Now some international airlines such as Malaysia Airlines and Indigo are introducing kid-free zones where passengers can purchase a ticket and know they will not be seated next to a small child. Unfortunately, U.S. Airlines have yet to follow suit and there’s a good chance the idea won’t take off at all.

Industry experts say it would be a controversial idea and a public relations nightmare to introduce kids-free zones. They say considering the issue around support animals, any rule that benefits a smaller group of people in this case the child free, does not go over well.

So hold onto those noise-canceling headphones, you’re gonna need them.

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