Japanese TraditionBusiness owners in Japan are hoping to reverse a dying tradition with the help of a little education. The manager of a Tokyo bath house is hoping to keep the idea of communal baths going by giving people another reason to show up. Now he is offering classes in a variety of topics in hopes of drawing in a younger crowd and getting them used to the tradition. The manager says his family has owned the bath house since 1939. In its heyday about 500 people visited daily, now that number hovers around 100. The manager says most houses have modern bathrooms so people aren’t showing up like they used to. He says since the late 1960’s the owners of bath houses have been forced to come up with new ideas to keep people coming in. So, for just $4 anyone can come to the bath house and learn about the topic of the month. In April customers were educated in comedy while the topic for March was the public bath industry. A little extra education, as long as you aren’t shy.
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