Inaugural CostsPresident elect Donald Trump is officially President Trump; and all the pomp and circumstance to change the title didn’t come cheap. According to some of the people behind the planning, the recent inauguration cost more than $200 million thanks to things such as transportation, security and protection from the weather. On top of that you have private dinners, the swearing in ceremony and the inaugural ball. The cost of the ceremony is split between private donors and federal and state governments and is expected to be one of the most expensive inaugurations ever. Experts say that can be attributed to inflation, the amount of donations being brought in by the campaign and of course security. Because of the protests and the unease over the election about 28,000 personnel from state, local and federal agencies were on watch for the week leading up to the event. The security costs alone are expected to top $100 million and the bill for that will be paid by the federal government. President Trump had called for a scaled back event, but you can’t skimp on tradition.
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