Hologram TechnologyTechnology is evolving and now the impossible might not be so far out of reach. Flying cars, hover boards and shoes that lace themselves are no longer part of Hollywood fiction; instead they are items people can own. And now, thanks to the advances we have made it’s possible for someone to be in two places at once. French presidential candidate Jean Luc Melenchon is trying as hard as he can to spread his message along the campaign trail; and he’s using technology to do it. At a rally last week a hologram of him giving his campaign speech was projected by satellite to the crowd. While supporters call it an example of his forward thinking, critics say it’s nothing more than a gimmick designed to distract the voters. And he isn’t the only one using holograms to boost business. Concert producers have used images of late artists that include Tupac, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley to sell tickets and bring in a crowd. Now experts say the hologram could be the future of the industry. And everyone who is gone will certainly never be forgotten.
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