Good Karma

by | Oct 5, 2017 | CBS Radio Report

Good KarmaThey say kindness doesn’t cost anything but for one Pennsylvania couple the opposite is true, and they still don’t seem to mind. For years a mystery couple has been picking up the tab for unsuspecting customers at an Applebee’s in Washington, Pennsylvania. Recently a local woman was at the restaurant celebrating her daughter’s birthday when the waitress came over and said the entire bill, for 16 people had been taken care of. Bernie Lewis is the assistant manager of the restaurant and says she has been sworn to secrecy over the identity of the couple. The waitress who served the birthday party says she also knows who is responsible for the kindness but thinks it’s more fun to keep the secret. She did offer up a clue though saying they own a local business and that the man once told her that he grew up poor. He says now he is not, and he wants to help those who might need it. Guess you can’t put a price tag on good karma. So if what goes around comes around, are you ready for what’s heading your way?

Brian Banmiller

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