Going Old SchoolAs technology continues to evolve, one company is hoping a little nostalgia might bring in some buyers. Earlier this week the Nokia 3310, a model that’s been out of date for a decade was relaunched by HMD Global. The new colorful version of everyone’s first cell phone was debuted at an expo in Barcelona. It costs just over $50 and is being called a feature phone which means it doesn’t have the capabilities of a smartphone. It is however upgraded from what you remember, meaning it now has a camera, color screen and MP3 player. The company purchased the rights to make Nokia phones last year and rumors immediately began to fly that the 3310 was making a comeback. But not everyone is impressed. Critics say this is just a gimmick to bring attention to the company’s new android smartphone which is also under the Nokia brand. Regardless some fans of the simpler days are excited to the relaunch. The company says the phone will have the same easy to use features and long battery life. But the best part? They also come loaded with snake.
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