Flying TaxisUber is working on a new way to get people around; and completely off the roads. In order to better handle the transportation needs of people who live in big cities Uber is working on a new plan; the flying taxi. At a recent conference the company says it is looking at vehicles that take off and land vertically and can get passengers from A to B. The company did not say whether these flying taxis would be piloted, fully automated or remote control operated. The head of products for Uber says the technology should be available in the next decade. He says one of the biggest hurdles it will face will be sharing airspace with all the drones that will soon be delivering everything from packages to pizza. He says the flying taxis will be a better form of Uber Pool where people can share flying vehicles as they hop between roof tops. In time Uber hopes vertical takeoff and landing aircraft could help eliminate the need for cars on the road. Just as long as you aren’t afraid of heights, or flying.
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