Fall TravelItching to take a vacation. Now is a great time. Perhaps you’ve already used up your vacation time over the long hot summer. Kids were out of school and there were plenty of neat places to visit. But I’ll bet those places were crowded and so were the higher priced boats, trains and planes. Well, if you can swing it September and October are great months to take a break. In Europe, where locals take off in August, they are back at work taking care of you and not crowding beaches. You can also find some cheaper rates for hotels and airlines looking for fall business. Domestically one of the best trips is to follow the changing of the leaves from Maine down through Virginia. You can stay in some fancy hotels or rough it in a camper. It may not be as wow as watching the eclipse last month, but some of the scenery is truly spectacular. The weather is cooling down in the Pacific Southwest and winter rates are not yet being charged. Hotels call this their shoulder season. So bon voyage.
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