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ChangeFeel like you’re in a rut? Might be time for a new business plan.

Mark Thompson is a bestselling author and senior executive coach who Forbes has named one of America’s top venture investors with the Midas change. He says every now and then even the best ideas need to be freshened up. He says no one likes change, especially when you’ve already worked so hard to build something. But sometimes what you really need to do is shake things up; and remember that as your business changes, your customers are being affected as well. Š—“

“Let’s say you’re in a management role, meet those millennials, meet those boomers, meet people in every generation meet the people who are your stakeholders and let go of that arrogance that says I already know that they think, I already know what they need. You don’t. The best thing that you can change is actually go out there and be an interviewer and learn what it is that all your stakeholders really need most.”

Change is hard but filing for bankruptcy is much worse.

This post was originally published on September 7, 2017.

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