Celebrity Crushes

by | Jul 16, 2017 | CBS Radio Report

Celebrity CrushesIs the current object of your affection a little out of your league? Thanks to a new dating app, your chances just got a lot better.

Do you have a giant crush on Brad Pitt or maybe you can’t get enough of Heidi Klum, well now you could wake up to them every morning, sort of. The dating app Badoo now allows people to upload a picture of their favorite celebrity and find dates nearby that resemble the famous person they fancy.

Or maybe you have a thing for a married co-worker or can’t forget your childhood crush, upload their picture and Badoo can make that dream a reality as well.

Right now the app says the most searched for celebrities include Beyonc’©, Selena Gomez and Emma Stone with President Trump coming in at number ten. Taking the top spot among the rich and famous is reality star Kim Kardashian. The company CEO says Badoo is always looking for new ways to help its millions of users make a love connection and the just launched look-alike feature is doing exactly that. Who says looks aren’t everything?

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