Cashing In On Your VoiceDo you have a voice that makes people sit up and pay attention? Why not cash in on those vocal cords? Š—“We have people who a little bit of it is luck right but we also have some very talented people who’ve been able to land some big national radio campaigns for significant clients and can make six figures pretty easily.” Kevin Rasted is the director of on camera and voice over division at San Francisco based MDT talent agency. He says the Silicon Valley boom has created a lot of work for voice over talent, and for most people all they need is a couple of classes and an at home microphone. Š—“There’s training that goes into it experience is always something we look for but it’s definitely something that’s not hard to enter if you have the drive to do it or the intention to do it.” Rasted says the ability to work hard and spend a couple hours in a recording booth helps as well. So with a little time, luck and of course residuals you could be looking at a hefty paycheck.
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