Blackberry's ComebackApple and Samsung might be headlining the battle of the smartphone, but there’s another contender waiting in the wings. The Blackberry was one of the first devices to let you access your email and the internet from the palm of your hand. And according to CEO and executive chairman John Chen they might have been forgotten, but they certainly aren’t gone. Š—“We do a lot better now than 3 years ago, obviously 3 years ago we were troubled, very challenged but somewhat exaggerated I mean dead is somewhat exaggerated but it’s coming back in a good way.” Chen says the company has licensed the hardware to other companies while maintaining control of the software. Š—“We created a real strategy that really took the core of what blackberry does well which are security, these days cyber security is a really hot thing so I guess we’re in the right market in the right time in the right place so with a little bit of diligence, investment, a little patience we’ll get this thing turned around.” Never underestimate the little guy, especially when they already know the game.
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