Artificial Service

by | May 26, 2017 | CBS Radio Report

Artificial ServiceThe future is going high tech, so where might you find a little artificial intelligence?

Recently the International Business Times took a look at the hotel management industry and envisioned the jobs that could one day be taken over by robots. For example the check in area and reception desk.

Experts say there will be a time when you will drive through the gate of a hotel and AI will automatically know it’s you by connecting with your cell phone or facial recognition. From there you will be assigned to a room based on your preferences that you can check into using your phone as a key. The AI will also remember exactly how you like your room and have it all set up for you when you arrive.

Another job that could see humans replaced with robots? Room service. Automated robots will deliver food or anything else to your room as well as carry your luggage.

To check out the other changes that could be coming to your next hotel stay click the link below. Hopefully the customer service is glitch free.

Link: Jobs for Robots

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