Apple's New GigApple is branching out from your favorite hand held gadget to the open road. Earlier this week the Silicon Valley power house secured a permit to begin testing self-driving cars in California. According to state officials the permit allows the company to conduct test drives in three Lexus cars with six drivers. Experts say while Apple has yet to confirm the rumors about a self-driving car the latest maneuvers are fueling speculation. And while it might not be an entire car this could mean Apple is looking at software of hardware associated with the self-driving technology. The company’s director of product integrity says Apple is investing heavily in the study of automation and is excited about contributing too many areas which could include transportation. As for CEO Tim Cook, he is also playing to coy saying Apple is merely looking at moving beyond the smartphone to information systems inside cars. But despite the plan, the business of a self-driving car is crowded, with companies such as Tesla and Google who have been in it for years. Time for Apple to step on the gas.
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