Apple Park

by | Apr 7, 2017 | CBS Radio Report

Apple ParkApple’s previously unidentified object has landed and this month will open for business.

Apple Park, the large circular building people liken to a UFO will be ready to house employees in the next couple of weeks. Apple’s new headquarters is a single ring, about one mile in circumference and set in a large campus covered in plants. It will house 13,000 employees on over 2.8 million square feet of office space. Those employees will enjoy fruit trees, a large fitness center and a work space that has been carefully overseen, right down to the tables by Apple’s Chief Design Officer.

The new headquarters has been compared to the pentagon and with a $5 billion price tag is impressive enough for late CEO Steve Jobs to call it the best office building in the world. In fact, the last public appearance by Jobs was at a Cupertino city council meeting in 2011 where he announced the plans. Looks like Apple has created something you can’t fit in your pocket.

Link: Apple Park

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