An Alcohol Fueled ComebackBarnes and noble is looking to make a comeback, and it’s using a little liquid courage. The bookstore Barnes and Noble has had a bit of trouble competing with online retailers such as Amazon but it has a new plan to win back customers, booze! The retailer has opened four new concept stores that will have an expanded food menu and serve beer and wine. The first to open was the store in Eastchester New York, followed by Minnesota, Folsom, California and one in Virginia. Company executives say they are also looking at expanding the sale of toys, gifts and vinyl records. They say they are focusing on making someone’s trip to Barnes and Noble an actual experience, something you can’t get while shopping online. When the news was first announced the company’s stock rebounded, finishing above Amazon. Now we wait and see if this new plan will bring a boost to business. It’s a tough job to lure in customers when they can just crack open a bottle of wine and do a little shopping or reading from the comfort of their own couch.
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