Affordable Cities

by | Oct 4, 2017 | CBS Radio Report

Affordable CitiesFresh out of college and hunting for your first paycheck? Head for Middle America.

For the average millennial the cost of living in areas such as New York or the San Francisco bay area is unaffordable. Rent for a studio apartment is close to three grand and buying a house in a decent area is next to impossible unless you’re pushing half a million a year. So to help find your first place to call home Apartment List evaluated the housing and job market of popular metro areas to live and looked at the satisfaction level of residents.

Categories include affordability, the average rent and home prices. Jobs, the unemployment rate and probability of growth. And livability; things such as the weather, different activities and the crime rate. Number 10 on the list is Minneapolis, Minnesota with a median income of $43,000, average rent of $1,200 and a livability score of 73.

To see the other cities on the list click the link below. Home isn’t where you make it, it’s where you can afford it.

Link: Best Places to Live

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