A Little Too SocialYou might think your social media activity is private, but remember the key word there is social. If you were wait listed for next year’s incoming class at Harvard you might want to check your email. According to the university’s newspaper Š—“The Harvard Crimson” ten students who had been accepted will now have their offers rescinded because of their online activities. According to the newspaper about 100 students formed a Facebook group for incoming freshman. Then the ten students in question splintered off and formed a smaller group chat where jokes about sexual assault, the holocaust and child abuse were shared. Since the boom of social media it has become common practice for universities and businesses to monitor what you do online. In some cases, your user names are requested in the interview process, for either work or higher education. Some people argue that this is a violation of privacy but others say if you are posting it online then you are putting it out in the world for people to see. Speech might be free but ignorance and stupidity come at a price.
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