A Boost From Twitter

by | Aug 2, 2017 | CBS Radio Report

A Boost From TwitterTwitter is trying to boost its business, by boosting yours.

For Twitter users who were invited and who pay $99 a month, Twitter will automatically promote your tweets to the top of people’s timelines that do not already follow you. The company says this will boost business for small companies and help them tap into a larger pool of potential advertisers. Right now it’s being aimed at people and companies that may not have a strong advertising base or campaign and would prefer a service that does it automatically. Here’s how it works.

Users tweet from their account like normal and Twitter will select tweets to promote into other people’s timelines. The amount of times each tweet is promoted will vary based on performance. Users will not be able to select which tweets are promoted but they can target a specific area or an interest such as technology. At the end of every week, Twitter will send subscribers a report card with how many additional people were reached and how many followers you now have. Cheaper than hiring on a full time employee.

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